I’m sure that you have heard it before. The world is going mobile.

Well, too late. “Going mobile” has already arrived.

According to Google (NY Times, 10/29/2012), about 30% of restaurant searches and 25% of movie searches are now done with mobile devices. That number was reported three months ago. Wanna bet those percentages have already increased?

Here’s the point. If you do not already have a mobile presence, then you need to get one… pronto! And I can help you do just that.

Give me a call. Send me an email message. Let’s talk.


  1. Mike Woodward says:

    Hi, Rob

    You are right. My Pam has I-Phone 5. I have 4-S. Receive all news via computer. If one does not become computer literate, you are left in the dust.

    You and I left Knoxville, obviously. Duh!! Living in STL burbs. Pam’s brother lives in Grand Prairie. Have been to DFW area many times work related.

    Hope all is well with you. Looks that way. Pam and I connected at DFW when we went to Buenos Aires which is 11 hour nonstop Southeast from DFW. We have been “blessed” in having been to most of western and central Europe and heading to Lisbon and back to London in June.

    A “lota” changes since Mrs. Emert’s 1st grade class.

    Your old but in good health friend from past

    Mike Woodward

  2. What kind of website do you do?

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