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Listen Closely! Social Media Marketing means Building Communities!

Build your community with Robert MapesSocial Media Marketing is STILL a new concept for a LOT of people. I’m not really sure why that is… but I am hoping that it is because they are so focused on their own specific businesses and selling a lot of product that they just don’t have the time to raise their heads above the din and look around.

So let’s make it really, really simple. If you are going to have ANY customers TOMORROW, then you MUST learn the new way to reach and engage your customers TODAY. Advertising has been changing, and not so subtly. Of course, if you think MADMEN is the video textbook of current marketing, then you need to stop what you are doing and contact me immediately.

Customers have learned that THEY ARE IN CHARGE. And companies are beginning to learn this new law of the land. At least for the most part. Apple still seems to think that they always know best and that the customer had better be darn glad that Apple can give it to them, even at an inflated price. Now, don’t get me wrong and start sending me nasty comments. I like Apple products. I really do. In fact, I’m getting ready to purchase a new iMac, or maybe a MacBook Pro, I haven’t made up my mind yet. Its just that I hate paying so much for the hardware.

Companies today, those that understand, are learning how to engage and interact with their customers so that the customers keep walking back through that front door, regardless if it is digital or not. And one of the ways that these companies are reaching their customers is through Social Media.

If you are the owner or manager of a company, then you need to start building your own little community of customers and potential buyers. You need to provide them with content that can help them enrich their lives. It doesn’t matter if it is a stick of gum, instructions about how to prepare an award-winning casserole, or the latest news about underwater photography, you just need to understand your customer and find a way to connect and to show them that you have value.

In some future posts, I will give you specific examples of how I have taught some of my clients to build what Seth Godin calls a “tribe”.