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Robert Mapes realtor web designer

I spoke with a potential client a few months ago.

He’s pretty frustrated with technology.

He is a chef. And he believes that all he needs to know is how to cook. He doesn’t want to learn anything about how to run a business. He asked me why he even needed a website at all.

I tried to explain to him about marketing in general, let alone internet marketing, but he constantly interrupted me. He obviously thought that I brought nothing to the table since I can barely boil water.

I explained how I could take over all of his internet marketing, create his website, create a mobile optimized version of his website, and then I tried to explain how I could put together a Facebook campaign that would have more customers knocking at his door than ever before.

But I failed. I just couldn’t make him see how the internet could help his business.

He is supposedly a great chef. You might get the chance to sample his wares some day, but I suspect it will be at a restaurant owned by someone else because it will be almost impossible to find him on the ‘net.

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