Mobilegeddon 2016

robert mapes realtor wordpress websitesSure. If you cry “wolf!” enough, then people are going to eventually ignore you. And a lot of us sorta think this is what happens with Google. They make announcements, but then we never see the results. (But let’s not forget the Panda update, where almost all of us were affected…)

Many believe these Mobilegeddon announcements from Google are just smoke. After all, practically nothing happened last year when Google announced how the fact that if your website was not Mobile-Friendly then you would lose your ranking on mobile devices.

Well, that didn’t happen. At least not to the majority of sites.

But this time, May 2016, it might just be time to take Google seriously about their Mobile-Friendly announcement.

After all, Google is the BIG DOG when it comes to searches. And let’s face it, practically no one keys in a URL anymore. Instead, they just “google” (lower-case, since it has become a verb by default) the topic that they want. And we know that approximately two-thirds of Google searches are done from a mobile device (and most of those are done from a smart phone.) So, whether you believe this mobilegeddon talk or not, perhaps you should not take the chance. I mean, what if, all of a sudden, you lost 66% of your audience simply because your website is not Mobile-Friendly? I don’t know about you and your business, but this would be devastating to most businesses.

So, let’s play it safe. Get your website into a Mobile-Friendly state. And do it NOW!

Don’t know if your site is Mobile-Friendly? That’s OK. Here is a link where you can simply put in your website URL and let Google will tell you if it is Mobile-Friendly. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Listen, I build websites. I normally use WordPress and I always use something called Responsive Templates (or Themes.) Responsive simply means that the code is built in so that the website will work on a desktop, tablet, or even a phone. Google loves it. If you need some help with your website, contact me. I will be happy to help you. Just pick up the phone and call. 972-679-7063

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